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Bill’s Story, The Founder - Click to read full story

I am 56 years old and have been living with a chronic stomach disorder. I use medical marijuana and it relieves the daily disabling pain associated with my disorder. I consulted a physician and they spoke of the optional treatment of medical marijuana. I decided to try it, but did not know how to obtain it as I knew I couldn’t just go to the local pharmacy.

This started my venture into finding a medical marijuana collective / dispensary. There were pamphlets at the doctor’s office and sites on line, but little information about the facilities themselves.

I decided to try a dispensary in the City of Anaheim located between a bong shop and a massage parlor. Once inside, I found myself in a very shoddy room run by young adults under 25 years of age. After having my recommendation verified, I was escorted to a back room. On one side there were several young people indulging, and the other side had a jewelry counter with several containers of medical marijuana. The young gentleman behind the counter stared at me with red eyes and asked me what I would like. Having no idea what I needed, I pointed to one of the containers and said, “I will take some of that one.” I was never so nervous and apprehensive; I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. It was a horrible experience that I never wanted to go back to.

My second experience (in search of a better place) was in the city of Lake Forest, located in an underground parking facility. As I walked up to the door I noticed many young adults on skateboards going in and out. There were bean bag chairs lying around with young people sitting in them. Overall, this experience was twice as bad as the Anaheim experience.

My third experience was in the city of Dana Point which was more controlled and professional. Still, I had very young adults waiting on me. While I was sitting and waiting to be called in to get my medication, I noticed an elderly lady in her late 70s walk in. She was shaking nervously and had a terrible look of fear in her eyes. I could see that she was scared. After the experiences I had as a 56-year-old male, this was understandable. The young adult took her to the back room and got her the medication. I commented to the young man that she looked very old to be there. He related to me that she was on many medications and her doctor wanted her to try medical marijuana to ease her off some of her other medications.

This got me to thinking: Why does a senior citizen have to go through this!? When seniors are the ones who benefit most from the medication, why do we have to seek out shoddy outfits to get it from? Why do we have to deal with people that could be our grand- or great grandchildren? Why do we have to go through this kind of humiliation?

After talking with many seniors and others, we came up with the “Golden Angels Seniors’ Collective”.

~We would like to keep it in the community 

~Its members would be seniors in the community 

~We would be located in or by a professional medical building 

~We would have a system to give or at least discount to the seniors who cannot afford to have it 

~We would have security equal to or better than that of a current pharmacy that carries narcotics 

~Most of all, we would like to provide a way for convenient, safe access to medical marijuana, with dignity

  • Steve MartinI'm a long time member but I was having problems with getting off of pain meds. I sat down with bill, which is always a pleasure and he listened intently and offered a solution. I tried the CBD oil and it calmed me down and let me sleep without sleeping meds.. This is such a new field but Bill has done his homework.. A++
  • ScottThe saying goes " people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". Bill is a man who cares and truly believes in his work because he sees the success stories of helping people who are in pain. You can also rely on the medications safety as well being lab tested, something really important for seniors.
  • Ed LarsenBill is just the best. Reliable, friendly and can be counted on to deliver even faster than any expectation you may have. The products are great. My issue is getting to sleep. Once there I'm good for the night. But nerve damage to my right arm and hand were only partially corrected with my last neck surgery. This stuff is a blessing and natural medicine.
  • Patrick HaneyCompassionate Care,A term used often by Medical Marijuana co- ops. Rarely is there compassion though! It's all about the money. Not with Bill he has true compassion. My name is Patrick I am 51 years old. I suffer from permanent sciatica pain and neropathy. I take morphine and percocet for pain. I have found CBD gives me so much relief that often I do not need to take my percocett for break through pain. God Bless You Bill!
  • wesley osikowiczThank God for Bill and the Golden Angels!I don't know what I'd do without him. I'm 75 and Suffer from degenerative arthritis, seizures and suffered a recant stroke. Dr. Prescribed morphine but it didn't help. Bill brought be a Cbd oil and said try out. Oh my god finally relief! Thank you Bill! Good bless you!
  • JulieI am 66 years old and have a medical mj license. I noticed you have a strain that works well for me, Girl Scout Cookies. Also am interested in Durban poison capsules. I dont find you on weedmaps and coukdnt see what ur minimum delivery is or uf you take credit cards. Thank you, Julie Johnson
  • DuaneI was fortunate enough to come across Bill Leber's story about how and why he started Golden Angels Seniors' Collective. You only meet a handful of people in your lifetime that are all-around exceptional and you immediately feel lucky to have met them. Bill is one of those exceptional people. He has high integrity genuine compassion, and a generous nature. Bill is extremely knowledgeable and very patient when answering your questions and concerns. You know he really cares. I am so happy to have met Bill Leber and his Golden Angels Seniors' Collective has my loyalty and gratitude!
  • DuaneGolden Angels Seniors Collective was the answer to my prayers. After experiencing elder-disrespect from 2 other delivery services, I finally found Bill Leber's story about how and why he started Golden Angels. You only come across a handful of people in your lifetime that are all-around exceptional and you immediately feel lucky to have met them. Bill is one of these exceptional people. He has high integrity, genuine compassion, and a generous nature. Bill is extremely knowledgeable and very patient when answering your questions and concerns. You know he really cares. I am now completely free of prescription drugs. I am so happy to have met Bill Leber and his Golden Angels Seniors Collective has my loyalty and gratitude!
  • JimHaving seen the nearly miraculous benefits of medical marijuana during my then 25 year old son's chemo therapy treatments for testicular cancer, I changed my mind about the substance. It allowed him to hold down food and rest after Compazine failed to provide any relief (it's been 5 years since and he's cancer free now). I (like Bill Clinton) would puff on joints in collage but not inhale, as I actually preferred a clear, sharp mind (not that it's all sharp anymore). When I developed tinnitus (a persistent ringing in the ears) 4 years ago my sleeping problems and daytime frustrations with the condition made my life miserable. The Cannatonic #8 Bill recommended (High in CBD, Low THC) relaxes my mind and body just enough. I can read, watch TV and have deep conversations with my wife and friends - and remember everything! And I can drift off to sleep at night and barely notice the ringing (no more Ambien at night with foggy mornings!). Few of my friends are aware I'm using it, as no one can tell I'm "high" - I'm not, I am just relaxed. It's not a cure - but it is a low dose, effective, non pharmaceutical treatment with no side effects other than my ability to enjoy life again.
  • BrookI wasn't sure if this was the right step for me to take, yet with having so much trouble finding the right pain medication from the doctors I see for my RA and Autoimmune disorders. Bill showed me that with medical marijuana I know longer have to feel loopy in the head with THC and instead having a higher content of CBD that treats my pain better than any prescribed anti-inflammatory or pain pill I've taken for years. Bill was gentle and informative with his knowledge, care and concern in assisting me with making the right choices for my elements. I look forward to my future appts with Bill and building a professional lifelong relationship! Thank you & God Bless~
  • DeborahYou are so beautiful to me, you're everything i hoped for, you're everything I need, (Black Diamond Indica). Thx u soooo much Bill, for caring about the seniors, who's bodies have felt the hard road of just trying to survive, so we can still take care of our grown children, who have no idea the pains that go with growing older. It is hard to keep up with this generation, with painful disabilities. The medication helps me deal with the pain and nausea, with no side effects, gives me a good night's sleep, so I can live another day, to help my family. When we help each other, it"s a opportunity to do something beautiful for God.
  • BrookFor the last 4 years I have been living the nightmare of the medical system. It started with abdominal pain that was soo bad I ended up in the emergency room. I was prescribed a medicine that was supposed to end the proble. Instead I ended up in the emergency again with a seizure , a side effect from the drug. I lost my lisence for 9 months. I went to a clinc to get some direction on how to solve my health problem. I was scheduled to have an indoscpy investigating the esophagus and stomac. Surprise, no damage there. So I was misdiagnosed at the emergency hospital. The clinic scheduled an ultrasound and CT. Turned out I had severe problems wit the gall bladder and pancreus. All the doctors would prescibe was pain killers and nothing about diet or any other remedies. The pain killers worked on a tempory basis but I was not getting better. I decided to research alternative methods t take care of my health issue. This included a huge change in diet with the help of klara, my dietician, and getting off pain meds replacing them with medical maijuana. The golen angles made this a comfortable choice. I am only 50 but still did not want to experience purchasing from dispensaries.. The good news is that the syst on my pancreus have all but gone away. The medical marijuana, ( especially the cookies) that Bill suggest are keeping the nausea at bay and helping me sleep at night. I believe these benefits are assisting with my body healing itself. Thank you
  • Nicky L.These such a great way to help senior community & a great way to make friends .
  • ValerieI have stage 4 sarcoma and have an allergy to ALL opioids. My Dr. suggested med marijuana. Golden Angels has worked with me to find the right product that allows me to sleep, and gives me short term relief, and still be able to function, as I live alone. Bill has been very responsive and reliable. Thank God for this organization. I had no idea how to find pain relief. Again, THANK YOU!!!
  • Wes OI have been disabled and homebound by pain associated with a degenerating spine for four years. Golden Angels brought me a bottle of Mighty CBD Tincture. This item has changed my life, the pain has decreased enough to allow walking, for someone who hasn't moved in four years this is a miracle. Thank you Golden Angels for doing something the doctors have been trying to do for years!
  • JudyI have periphial neuropathy in both feet and legs. This awful nerve disorder left me in a miserable state...that is until I started using medical marijuana. Thank you Bill for your great service and suggestions. Using medical marijuana enables me to do things after 3 pm every day. I love to cook and am now up on me feet, cooking delicious meals for my husband and myself. Using the Indicia strain enables me to sleep soundly all night long with about 7 hours sleep. I am so happy that I can socialize and not think about the pain in my body. Thank you!
  • Mary GI have had rheumatoid arthritis for 34 years and have been on a million medications that help but do not eradicate the disease. It progresses slowly, but it does progress and I had more and more pain and disability from degenerating joints. My doctors had given me opioids for years, but I hated taking them. They didn't really help with the pain and I was just sleepy and constipated all the time. I decided to get a marijuana recommendation with the support of all my doctors. I heard about Bill and called him. He comes to the house and goes through the procedures and the different types of the herb. I use both indica and sativa - indica is great for getting to sleep at night and anxiety, while sativa gives me energy and optimism when I need to get things done. Both work well for pain.
  • LisaGolden Seniors Collective is great. Being new to medical marijuana, I was dreading trying to find a dispensary somewhere or procure canibus some other way. Bill came to my home, showed me some products, gave me some different samples to try, and the purchase was easy. Very discreet, kind, and understanding. Thank you.
  • SarahAs a metastatic stage 4 breast cancer patient, I had some skepticism regarding medical marijuana. But girlfriends, chemo buddies, and support group friends all encouraged me to give it a try. I met with a physician who had a lot if ideas for my situation since I have tumors in my lungs, including vaporizers and edibles. Then I met with Bill, who coveniently comes out to the house and answers questions and provides products. The week after starting up, I noticed I no longer had pain from neuropathy in my fingers and toes. They are still a bit numb, but seem to be getting better every day. When I discussed all of this with my oncologist, much to my surprise, he encouraged me to stick with it. He considers it a very useful medicine. And because the Golden Angels Senior Collective is working from a health angle, I can be confident that I'm receiving a consistent medical-grade product.
  • PeterI have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from WWII. My doctor prescribed Sativa (NOT Indica) to treat the associated Stress and Anxiety. Durban Poison is very high in sativa content, so I use that and it works! Indica leaves me feeling terribly listless and hung-over. Check with our Collectives founder, Bill Leber. He knows his stuff, and is very reliable. Ask him where to look up as to what each specific type of medical marijuana is good against. Take care and good luck to you with your condition!
  • DustinI joined Golden Angels after the City of Irvine closed dispensaries indiscriminately, including my very professional, pharmacy-like store. Reluctantly, I returned to the Lake Forest "Dens of Iniquity." The warnings to conceal my paper bag on the way out creeped me out. Who wants to shop when they have to look out for police and robbers? Who wants advice from young clerks and customers more knowledgeable about a strain's potential for a high than its pain relief properties? Then I found Golden Angels. No more cloaking my questions to a smoke shop owner as an inquiry about how to use a vaporizer for "tobacco." No more feeling ignorant as I failed to grasp all the steps. Bill walked me through everything in the privacy of my own home. The hands-on experience provided opportunity for corrective feedback. I no longer feel in danger or ignorant. The information Golden Angels provides is directed at much needed pain relief, not highs.
  • BobGolden Angels has been wonderful for me. I have arthritis and the service provided by Golden Angels has allowed me to get some relief. I am continuing with my traditional medicine but this supplemental service has provided me with great relief. Bill really understands the proper use of medical marijuana. I met him at my doctor's office. The service is very professional and aims to provide real medical benefit. Yes, my traditional doctors know that I am using this alternative medicine. Their only question was "Does it help?". The answer is yes!
  • EdUse to calm pain/numbness in arm to get to sleep at night and it works just fine. Good, natural medicine. The vaporzer is the very best way to go...better for your lungs and can be used around others without the odor from burning weed.
  • TimI can't say enough about Bill and Golden Angels Senior Collective. I have Cerebral Palsy. Bill has been extremely helpful in reducing the muscle spasms I receive on a daily basis from Cerebral Palsy. Bill suggested the vape pen a while ago and it has been very successful in lowering the amount of prescriptions I take. I am proud to be an active member. I want to thank Bill for his compassionate help and knowledge in becoming pain free. I would highly recommend Golden Angels Senior collective. It is a first class organization!
  • SteveWhere do I begin?..It’s been a long journey and a great association with Bill and the Golden Angels Senior Collective. Firstly I have to say that after leaving the military in 1987 and not having anything much in medical coverage I struggled to find ways to circumvent the back pain I suffered as a result of parachute jumps with full gear and the constant hard landings that were the result. Finally my back gave out completely on the tarmac at Pope Air force base and that was the beginning of my ticket home. Fast forward to July 3 2007, I had been working as a General Contractor for 20 years and we were doing well. I went down to the Harbor where I had a boat stored but decided to fish a little at the end of the jetty by the marine institute. Long storey short I was washed off the jetty and suffered several l life threatening injuries besides a near drowning. I spent 7 days in the UCI facility at Mission and three years getting back to some level of normalcy. During the first few years I accepted the doctor recommended use of opioids for the pain and sleeping pills to put me to sleep because they just didn't work in safe doses. I drank a lot because I was emotionally distraught over the loss of my business and the financial state of affairs the whole ordeal left my wife and me in. During year two the medical marijuana laws were changed and I decided to attempt to grow my own. I went to the doctor and got a recommendation but then I realized that I would have to venture into a store front building to purchase something that I spent my youth buying from street dealers and fearful all the time of being caught and sent to jail. Of course at that time it was purely a recreational experience and had no clue about the healing and pain management characteristics of the plant. One day while I was surfing the local pot store directory on line I happened across an article that was written in the OC Register about a business man who had developed a senior collective and was helping seniors who had serious illnesses and problems with pain management to get medical marijuana. As I read, I realized that I wanted to help this guy, I had some very large plants in the back yard and really had no idea of what I was doing and thought that he could help me and in turn I could be a source for the medical marijuana. I knew it was a lofty idea but that’s how I roll, visualize the possibilities and follow my nose. At any rate I contacted Bill and we arranged a meeting. I believe we hit it off from the moment we met. We talked and he told me what he was doing, I was impressed with his demeanor and his business sense and determined right there and then to follow him down this well thought out path and help in any way I could. It was not long after this first encounter that I set up a grow tent in my garage and began to grow my legal limit of 6 plants. Learning everything I could about how to do what was needed to bring them to a state that was required for medical use. Bill and I would meet to share information concerning the state of the art methodology for creating medical grade cannabis in these small tents. The rest is history..The Golden Angels Senior Collective is as far as I know the only provider of medical marijuana that follows the letter of the law while providing a compassionate & caring information source and a safe environment to acquire medical marijuana to its members and people who want to be members all over Orange County. My hat is off to Bill and the work he has done and continues to do. I am proud to be an active member. And btw I no longer use prescription drugs to manage my pain and I do not use sleeping pills to sleep and I have been able to curb my dependence on alcohol by using the varied strains and types of cannabis available today.
  • BobThis is a wonderful service. Bill is helping a lot of us get the medication our doctors has recommend.
  • AnonymousI have bipolar and recently started using medical marijuana. It has helped me with my anxiety and insomnia. I have been using the vaporizer pen and it is very easy to use. Thank you Golden Angels.