Golden Angels Seniors Collective’s mission is to provide seniors safe access to medical marijuana with dignity. Moreover, to provide a continuing education program to the seniors of the community in Orange County, California since 2009.

We work closely with state and community officials to be sure we are compliant with all state and federal laws. We are a community of seniors servicing seniors. We have been background checked, certified in California’s Medical Marijuana Program and consult you in the privacy of your home.

– Arthritis
– Bipolar Disorder
– Body Pain
– Breast Cancer
– Cancer

– Cerebral Palsy
– Muscle Spasms
– Nausea
– Neuropathy
– Auto Immune
– Seizures
– Sleep Apnea
– Stroke
– Tinnitus
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A Few of our Patient Testimonials:

  • I'm a long time member but I was having problems with getting off of pain meds. I sat down with bill, which is always a pleasure and he listened intently and offered a solution. I tried the CBD oil and it calmed me down and let me sleep without sleeping...
  • The saying goes " people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". Bill is a man who cares and truly believes in his work because he sees the success stories of helping people who are in pain. You can also rely on the medications...
  • Bill is just the best. Reliable, friendly and can be counted on to deliver even faster than any expectation you may have. The products are great. My issue is getting to sleep. Once there I'm good for the night. But nerve damage to my right arm and hand were only...
  • Compassionate Care,A term used often by Medical Marijuana co- ops. Rarely is there compassion though! It's all about the money. Not with Bill he has true compassion. My name is Patrick I am 51 years old. I suffer from permanent sciatica pain and neropathy. I take morphine and percocet for...
  • Thank God for Bill and the Golden Angels!I don't know what I'd do without him. I'm 75 and Suffer from degenerative arthritis, seizures and suffered a recant stroke. Dr. Prescribed morphine but it didn't help. Bill brought be a Cbd oil and said try out. Oh my god finally relief!...
  • I am 66 years old and have a medical mj license. I noticed you have a strain that works well for me, Girl Scout Cookies. Also am interested in Durban poison capsules. I dont find you on weedmaps and coukdnt see what ur minimum delivery is or uf you take...
  • I was fortunate enough to come across Bill Leber's story about how and why he started Golden Angels Seniors' Collective. You only meet a handful of people in your lifetime that are all-around exceptional and you immediately feel lucky to have met them. Bill is one of those exceptional people....
  • Golden Angels Seniors Collective was the answer to my prayers. After experiencing elder-disrespect from 2 other delivery services, I finally found Bill Leber's story about how and why he started Golden Angels. You only come across a handful of people in your lifetime that are all-around exceptional and you immediately...